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"Welcome to Perikart Seller  Your Gateway to a Thriving Online Business! Join Our Community of Local Merchants and  Reach Thousands of Customers Today!" 

Perikart Marketplace Platform

What We Offer

Perikart Marketplace Platform

Customer care response

 We offer quicker and more accurate responses to our sellers, as well as to our customers buying your products 

Perikart Marketplace Platform

Easy delivery of your products

 We provide fastest delivery service & ensure that your products are delivered without damage to our customers. We put the utmost emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

Perikart Marketplace Platform

Provide you full visibility

Perikart seller portal provides the sellers with full visibility, well structured website data and receipt. 

Perikart Ecommerce Platform

Online marketplace for local merchants.

 "Sell Local with Confidence - Discover the Best of Your Neighborhood on the Convenient Online Marketplace for Local Merchants" 

Boost up sales and generate extra revenue.

"Maximize Your Sales and Increase Revenue with Our Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Online Business!" 

Perikart Ecommerce Platform
Perikart Marketplace Platform

Get access to thousands of online customers.

 "Reach Thousands of Online Customers and Grow Your Business with Our Comprehensive E-commerce Solutions!" 

Present your store online and sell your genuine product(s).

"Showcase Your Store Online and Sell Your Authentic Products to a Wide Customer Base with Our Trusted E-commerce Platform"

Perikart Marketplace Platform
Perikart Marketplace Platform

Reliable and cost-effective.

"Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Reliable and Cost-Effective E-commerce Solutions!"

Fastest Delivery Service to maximize your sales.

"Maximize Your Sales and Increase Revenue with Our Proven Strategies for Boosting Your Online Business!" 

Perikart Marketplace Platform
Perikart Marketplace Platform

User-friendly dashboard with Seller Support.

"Manage Your Business Effortlessly with Our User-Friendly Dashboard and Dedicated Seller Support" 

Accessible product listing with thousands of pre-listed products.

"Discover Thousands of Pre-Listed Products and Easily List Your Own with Our Accessible Online Marketplace!" 

Perikart Marketplace Platform
Perikart Marketplace Platform

Built for Innovation, by Creatives


Easy Payment Option

Totally Designed Innovation


 "Get Started Selling Online with Simple and Easy Steps to Register"



To create an account you are required to fill out the information, such as your Business details, GSTIN no., PAN card no., and Service area pin code.

Register on Perikart
perikart seller registration


To complete the registration process, You need to get verified. Verification process includes basic details verification and information about your business


Simply add from thousands of pre-list products or can Request for items that are not available. Start listing your products and begin selling online!

perikart seller register

Don't have GST? 

GST Registration

Seek professional assistance from a GST expert to help you with the registration and filing process.

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